Swonder Towable Float Ball(Buoy) with 60ft Rope for 1-4 Rider Towable Tubes

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Swonder Towable Tubes Floater
Swonder towable inflatable buoy with tow rope connected to both ends, as a way of keeping the tow rope out of the water the majority of the time while towing, so the tow rope is less likely to get caught in water or boat wake, especially in turns. This enhances the overall performance of most 1-4 riders' towables, enhances safety, reduces drag and rope spay, shock absorb, enhancing fuel economy, extends the tube’s life because it virtually eliminates all slack in the line. 

• Designed for 1 to 4 person towable tubes
• Reduces drag and rope spray shock absorb, enhancing fuel economy
• Less stress on the towable tube
• High visibility of tow rope in the water
• Double stitching and reinforced stress points
• Boston Valve for fast inflation and deflation



  • UPGRADE PERFORMANCE: The Swonder floater is an advanced tow rope with 4100 pounds break strength and connects an inflatable ball in the middle. It supports one to four-person towable tubes and will boost your towable's performance to a whole new level!
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: 60 foot long advanced towing system (including ball), you could customize the tow rope's length by needed.
  • FAST INFLATION AND DEFLATION: Equipped with Boston Valve, make it exceptionally quick and easy to either inflate or deflate your towable balls. The secure one-way inflation design minimizes the risk of air leaks when you on the water.
  • ENHANCE TOWING EXPERIENCE: This advanced towing system is designed to reduce the rope spray, reduce drag, absorbs shock, and improve fuel economy, make your riding more stable, especially when it is turning.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: The towable floater keeps the rope out of the water that can increase the visibility of the rope to observe better and control the towing direction.